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From AED 15.00
One of the most popular of all dried fruits, these whole apricots are soft and...
Figs Dry

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From AED 12.00
Figs can be eaten either fresh or dry and has a sweet taste and variety of...
Ginger Dried

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From AED 15.00
  Comes in a resealable foil-lined pouch for added freshness and easy storage, also making...
From AED 12.00
Dried plums are actually revered for their anti-aging benefits. This source of healthy goodness is...
Raisin (Black)

In Stock !

From AED 8.00
Naturally sweet and juicy black raisins. These flavorsome raisins contain no added sugars and no...
Raisin (Brown)

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From AED 6.00
With a high nutritional content of antioxidants, iron and minerals essential to healthy body function,...
Raisin (Golden)

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From AED 7.00
Just like a ray of sunshine, a handful of golden raisins can brighten your day....



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