Cosmetic Design Power Bank

World’s first lipstick that charges your phone. With its compact, sleek and lightweight design, it’s perfect to fit into any girls handbag. The product comes with fast charging cable included.

  • BLUSH is the world’s first compact mirror that charges your phone. Its internal mirror not only helps you to look gorgeous, but Blush can also recharge your phone whilst you’re enjoying your fabulous night out. Never run out of battery again with Blush in your handbag.
  • POWER UP Recharge your devices with 2600 mAh lithium battery
  • QUICK CHARGE Recharge most smartphones at a maximum speed including iPhones. 
  • LUXURIOUS QUALITY Lavish Chrome finish alongside a smooth gloss UV coating makes it not only beautiful but hard wearing. 
  • TRUE  CAPACITY We only use A-Grade batteries in our products with a guarantee of certified capacity. 
  • TRUE CYCLE LIFE Most Power Banks on the market rarely offer the true cycle life, often lasting 50 cycles or less. Samsung Cell is capable of lasting over 500 cycles.  Truly offering premium quality and to be handbag friendly fast speed.